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Cyrus Momo

Hello! I am Cyrus Momo. A young passionate photographer and the founder of Go PhotogLife. As a photographer I am driven by the process of capturing the beautiful and memorable moments in life.  I hope this website and its creators will inspire you to start your own creative journey, providing you with the knowledge and tools to capture your own memorable moments.   

I got my first mobile phone in 2014. At that time, I started to use its built-in camera to capture every memorable moment and significant occasion of my life. Although the quality of the iPhone 5's camera is not that good, I really enjoyed it. I came to create a lot of pictures and videos for myself and others. I feel touched by being allowed to take part, and capture those special moments of peoples lives, and see how they grow. 

After a year of practicing photography with my phone, I got my first DSLR camera. The purchase launch my interest in digital cameras and camera equipment. I started to invest in a collection of camera gear. During this time, many people didn't understand why a photography student invested so much money into camera equipment, and whether it really helped to enhance my skills in film and image making. I can say is not a must to invest heavily in camera equipment, but a definite "Yes" if you know how to get the suitable gear and use it properly. 

In 2020, there is a lot of camera equipment on the photography market, and gone are the days when we had to develop film to see the labor of our work. Some people may choose to buy a camera which can take stunning photos. But not many people know how to start using their mobile's camera at its finest, its quality can compete with the ones from top digital cameras. It can make your photography life so different, even make your dreams come true. And that's why we see more people getting into the photography niche, gaining a passion for capturing every moment surrounding them, enjoying exploring a new perspective and location to view our 'home'.

Many people have a passion for photography, but can not afford a quality camera. Others invest a fortune in gear, while they are not aware of the tricks on how to invest less but still have access to quality equipment. Others do not know how to take their passion for photography and make it into a career or business. 

Here at PhotogLife we will provide you with the knowledge and tools for you to take on any part of your photography journey, whether it be the best way to invest in camera equipment as a beginner or how you become a professional photographer making a living from your art.  

Our team and I are trying to share our life's goal, share our knowledge and our professional experience with all of you. We strive to create a new community of like-minded people. We will walk you step by step, into guiding all of you into entering the PhotogLife.

Start now, Go PhotogLife!

And we hope every photography and film making fans can experience how amazing it is to transform their passions into life.

Meet the Team


Cyrus Momo

Founder of Go PhotogLife


Bonnie Cheung

Assistant Manager


Lisa Ströhm Winberg

Mono/Portrait photographer & Blog Writer

Sushmita Sen

Photographer & Blog writer

Antony Palmer profile pic

Anthony Palmer

Photographer & Blog Writer

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Andrew To

Photographer & Blog Writer

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-11 at 17.09.49

Megan Muller

Photographer & Blog Writer


Prachi Seksaria

Documentary/Portrait photographer & Blog Writer

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