How to start making good quality videos?

Nowadays, people like to watch videos rather than reading text for entertainment or understanding any global concept. It’s the most popular, easiest, versatile, and has become the most powerful medium to communicate. It holds the power to engage maximum numbers of audience. Besides all these advantages, to push video content on the online platform, you need to explore how to distribute quality images and text appropriately in the whole play. Whether it’s Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook each of them encourages viewers to watch and share videos and most of the users are searching for videos to resolve their daily life problems. 

You should pay attention to this beginner guide below for making good quality videos for your production.  

Plenty of Lighting

Lighting can create a huge difference in video quality. So while filming it, make it your first priority to incorporate a good lighting setup. If you don’t use properly placed lights, the video would look incompetent even if it’s having good content. Daylight is best for videography and you can try shooting in the morning as at that time, the light is softer. In the midday, the light coming directly from straight overhead would cast a shadow on the subject. While in the morning or evening, the time light is quite flattering. If you want to shoot in the middle of the day, try to pursue in a shady area or cloudy day for a soft touch. For indoor filming, you need to choose the types of light set wisely and place them accordingly to get the best shot. 

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Clean Background

For filming, it is necessary to choose a background consciously because the distracting or messy background looks very unprofessional. For a professional look, you can use solid colours in the background and make your subject stand a bit away from the background to avoid casting a shadow. Make sure you are not filming with any reflective surface like a window in the background. Subjects standing directly in front of the window would make your snap shadowy or dark. 

Clear Audio

The audio quality in a professional video matters a lot. If your video is not of HD quality or is a little bit grainy then also people will watch it, but if audio quality is compromised then things can go wrong. Indistinct or fuzzy audio is enough to let your viewer press the exit button within a few seconds. So, while shooting the video, it is important to invest in a good microphone. Get the long-lasting and best piece of microphone that you can afford easily within your budget range. For capturing clear audio, always try to put the microphone close to your subject. You can also use a pop filter for eliminating crackles or blips in the recording since the microphone picks background noise. You can easily tune out the noise from things like traffic, winds, or birds. 

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Steady Footage

Shaky footage can spoil the whole professional look of your video. It’s quite too tough to hold the camera steady for a longer time, so it’s better to use a tripod to fix your camera rather than holding it manually. Once, you have set the camera, it’s better not to move it. Even after best efforts if the footage turns shaky, you can use stabilization software to fix the video afterward. Some of the advanced cameras do have inbuilt stabilization features that you can use while filming. While tripods are limiting its shots to mostly static movements, Steadicams and gimbals could be the crucial equipment to steady your footages.

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Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is the most basic principle you need to understand while framing your composition. Imagine the frame with 3 by 3 grid and place the subject besides the grid lines. The intersection point of these lines is the focus centre, so try to put eye-catching elements at these strong focal points. It’s good to adhere to the rule of thirds initially for every shot if possible. With experience, you can learn when to stick to the rule or how to break it when required.

Camera Angles 

Carry professional cameras for stabilized shooting because hazy content can distract the viewers. Cutting from one angle to another should be good enough to grab viewers’ interest. Especially, when you are explaining something in your video, rather than using just an audio clip, add a product demo for better understanding. Cover plenty of shots so that while finalizing video you can choose the best one from all the options available. While shifting the perspective, try to change the camera angle by at least 45 degrees. 

Editing Program

While composing a video, avoid so many different effects and try to keep it simple. Clean and effective styles are enough to provide your videos with a professional look. Few things you need to perform in the editing stage are to cancel out unnecessary noise in the background, adjust lighting according to requirement, cut out awkward silences or pauses, and add transitions well with background music. For shifting from one scene to another, jump at the time when there is motion in both the scene segments for a natural look. 


For high brand profit, you will have to maintain a professional look in your videos. For filming professional videos, you will need to practice as you can’t simply read and learn these magical tricks. You need to have experience in videography job perfection. You can level up your next video quality through adopting basic techniques like setting up the lighting with the right timing, gearing up with a good microphone for clean audio, having steady support for stable recording, following the rule of thirds, trying with different camera angles, and finishing it with proper editing. 


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