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Mike James

 'The Smartphone Photo Guy'

Hi, I'm Mike a twenty-year veteran photographer/educator, and now a self-declared mobile photography 'purist'. I capture, edit and share all my photos on my smartphone and iPad. As you can imagine, attaching my iPad to my large expensive tripod turns a few heads!

Creativity was something I always struggled with. Surprisingly, we are all capable of creating WOW photos. Some of us simply need to learn basic photography theories to tap into that elusive talent and then practice. That is what is so awesome about the technology in our phone cameras - we can ignore the technical stuff and just get out there and have fun experimenting.


Basic smartphone photography training

Originally a $67 course - now a FREE video series. It is designed for you to easily improve your smartphone photos in just a weekend. Not only have you found the shortcut to start turning your snapshots into more strategic, purposeful and creative images, but you will also learn a lot more from structuring to lighting, composition and accessories.

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Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days

Do you want to create stunning photos? Do you want to turn boring photos into extraordinary images? With a simple touch on your phone, you can unlock the hidden beauty within your photo. In this course, we will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to let you step into the amazing world of editing, turning your enthusiasm into professional skills.


Mobile Editing - Amateur to Pro in 10 Days

Are you already into editing but want to step up your skills and elevate your Photog game? This Amateur to Pro course provides an alternative pathway for people who have a basic understanding of mobile editing. Save time and money and enrol in the 10 Days course now!

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