Six Photography Drones Tips You Need To Learn Right Now

It has always been challenging to capture the hard to reach stunning aerial images. Recently, the photography world developed drones to fulfil the wildest desires of obsessed and professional photographers. Almost like remote control toys, the revolutionary drones are unmanned cameras that can fly high in the sky. Aerial photography game is totally different from the ground one. The game-changer drone cameras have opened up various new possibilities and angles. However, it is important that you consider all kinds of limitations and basic standard rules to get that perfect shot you always dreamed of. If you are new to drone photography and do not know which drone will be good for you, then here I have picked some best drones under $ 1000, that might not go out of your pocket. 

You can get started on your journey of drone photography by implementing the following tips and practices.  

It’s Not Always Good To Fly High

When you are flying the drone so high, the landscape covered appears to be so messy as lots of unnecessary things get into the frame. For best composition, it’s better to get the closer snaps from the appropriate altitudes. Always, try to experiment with different heights. The landscape frame perspective changes with the height as the frame gets tightened and the in-depth view captured will be eye-pleasing. 

Use Google Earth For Details

With Google Earth, you can scout every scary detail of the earth, explore the top-down shots but most importantly, analyze the 3D view. Basically, you can carve out each and every information about the particular spot and then fix the shot angle exactly as per your desire. You can simply get the altitude information to reproduce snap with your own drone. Strategically planned drone shots always have a wow factor as the subject stands out with a complementary colour splash. 

Best drones under $1000

Create A Third Grid Frame

To capture a good drone picture, find out an epic composition. While composing always keep in mind the rule of thirds. Set your drone to switch the position of each and every element within the third grid frame. Explore the frame area and then fix the leading lines to guide the viewer’s eye to focus on the crucial elements in the picture. Rivers flowing down the mountains can act as leading lines and place objects at third’s intersection points in the landscape. 

Make Out A Panorama

Usually, for aerial photography, drones don’t need to have an ultra-wide-angle lens. Most of the time when there is a grand vista like glaciers tongue emerging out of mountains, individuals try to fit more than one can fit in a single frame. In this case, don’t disappoint yourself by simply letting the image slip off your fingers. Set the drone to create panorama automatically for the right part and always save the raw file of the image. 

You can check out some of the amazing drones to achieve the best-in-class panorama effects and various other settings:

Use Appropriate Settings

Always go for ISO 100 standard while capturing pictures. Small sensors in drones pull-down the noise and quality. You can use adjustable apertures like Phantom 4, Mavic 4, or f/5.6. Try to avoid using f/11 because it gives bad quality and soft images so this aperture is not suitable for drone photography at all. A polarizer filter is better for lakes, mountains, snow photography to enhance tones and contrast in images. 

Best Aerial Photography with Drone

Focus Specifically For Shots

One of the best ways to upgrade drone photography is by mastering particular techniques after identifying the skills required for the different shots. To improve your focus, you will need to spend time in activities like fly through, orbiting, and bird’s eye perfect capture.  Beginners are recommended to start with the basic landscape before trying for live-action snaps. Instead of jumping into everything all together, list out the techniques you want to learn and check out the progress one by one. 


It is advisable to start your drone photography at the place where you are consistently trying to get quality images because it takes a lot of time and practice to have proper control over the camera. Always fly responsibly and never try to fly over the crowded cities or roads as it’s strictly forbidden and can prove to be dangerous as well for many reasons. Stay focused on the techniques according to your interest,  plan shots before you start, and then learn to implement the functionalities and features of the drone. It might take some time but the constant practice will boost your aerial photography skills and you will be in a position to explore more and better with your drone. 

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